How Loft One Contracting
saved time and money
with Cedreo

Loft One Contracting decided to manage their conceptual designs fully in-house and they have chosen Cedreo to help them drastically reduce their costs and speed up their sales cycle.

Cost reduced by handling
the design in-house

Efficiency increased by speeding up
the design process

Photorealistic 3D renderings presented to clients to increase the level of trust

Robert Zerrenner CEO, Loft One Contracting

“Having this ability to do this in house, at our own labor rate, and not having to sub that out, it cuts down on the time where we can present designs. And obviously it is cheaper. For us, it was a huge win to find Cedreo.”

Robert Zerrenner CEO, Loft One Contracting
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About: Located in New Jersey and also working in New York, Loft One Contracting is led by Robert Zerrenner. He is very concerned about the buying experience and making sure he and his team always exceed their client expectations. He is passionate about bringing concepts to reality. This Design-Build firm really pays attention to details and the quality of the product they deliver.

IndustryHome Remodeling & Interior Design

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Loft One Contracting was paying an architectural design firm to create the floor plans and renderings

As a designer and CEO of Loft One Contracting, Robert serves as a project manager and a general contractor. He handles all steps from the design phase all through the planning, permitting and executing the project. His objective is to hand over a beautiful project that looks as close to the renderings provided as possible and to exceed the client expectations in terms of product quality. This is the reason why Loft One Contracting business mostly comes from recommendations.

Robert needed to streamline the conceptual design phase and find the best 3D rendering software to allow him to draw the floor plans and get photorealistic 3D renderings to efficiently communicate his vision to clients.

In this success story, we’re going to show you how Loft One Contracting includes Cedreo at the heart of their sales process to manage the conceptual design in-house in order to save time and money on each project.
Before using Cedreo, Loft One was sending the dimensions and hand-drafted plans to the architectural firm that were unable to meet their lead time and didn’t fit their budget.

This firm would supply Loft One Contracting with the initial floor plan for each project but 3D renderings were only available at an additional fee. Of course, they were paying per project with extra costs for plan revisions and more for 3D renderings. Not to mention the time needed to handle the back & forth between the architect, the client and Loft One Contracting.

There was a significant budget allocated to each new prospect in order to give the client a good idea of the work Loft One Contracting could provide without knowing if the client would hire them. The pre-sale phase was too costly and time consuming.

Streamlining the pre-sale phase was necessary to grow the business

Robert Zerrenner CEO, Loft One Contracting

“Cedreo is very intuitive for us, when we started using this a little over a year ago, it was very very simple to learn. There was a lot of ease of use and any questions that we had were answered by our Account Manager in real time and manner.”

Robert Zerrenner CEO, Loft One Contracting

In order to more effectively manage the 15 to 20 projects a year, Loft One Contracting decided to streamline the pre-sales process by reducing the money allocated to the conceptual designs. This is how they started drawing the floor plans in house in order to provide the project to their clients quicker and more efficiently.

Robert has a real passion to play with the plan and to clearly explain the vision to the clients. He needed the best 3D rendering quality to give each of his clients a distinctly unique view of their future home.

They searched for a software offering the “ease of use and ability to design and present many options at an affordable rate.”

That’s where Cedreo comes In…

Like the majority of Cedreo users, Robert used SketchUp for a while but he couldn’t afford to spend so much time learning how to use it. This is why he is glad he found Cedreo. With its ease of use, the availability of his dedicated Success Manager who is always there to help on his complex projects and the high quality of 3D renderings he saved a lot of time.

After each consultation at the client’s property, Loft One Contracting usually receives the initial floor plan from the real estate agent. They import it onto the Cedreo platform and trace the floor plan. In less than 1 hour, they have the floor plan and some 3D renderings. They present different options to the client as this is very easy to do with Cedreo. The major feature they enjoy with Cedreo is speed at which they can execute renderings.
Since it is a web based program, they can work from anywhere, make changes on site, as long as there is an internet connection. The new proposal can be sent to the client straight away to be approved.

Robert Zerrenner CEO, Loft One Contracting

“For us, it was efficiency of time, so we can execute these contracts quickly and convert all these prospects into sales.”

Robert Zerrenner CEO, Loft One Contracting

Loft One Contracting uses 3D renderings as a sales tool

Robert Zerrenner CEO, Loft One Contracting

“Our ideas are best presented through our renderings. Everything that we convert into an actual project gets 3D renderings and a job will result from that.”

Robert Zerrenner CEO, Loft One Contracting

With the objective to exceed people’s expectation of their work, Loft One Contracting wants to deliver a project that is exactly what the client saw on the renderings for which he signed off on. The renderings produced on Cedreo guide the expectations of the clients. The most important thing is that the renderings look good, as photo realistic as possible.

They help in a huge way: they represent what is in the Designer’s head which is a strong competitive advantage. Having that ability to provide renderings puts Loft One Contracting forward as a very strong candidate to hire as a Contractor. It justifies their cost to show the renderings as a representation of their work and why they should be hired.

appartment loft one contracting
night view of a house designed by loft one contracting with cedreo

“It is really important for us to exceed expectations, Cedreo helps us to do that.”

We are proud to go along with Loft One Contracting’s growth and help them provide the best quality for their clients, this is where our objectives coincide! Giving the greatest buying experience with the best product and human relationship which are key to having a healthy business. “Time is money so the less time we have got to spend on something, the better product we can continue to put out there”, said Robert.

Using Cedreo, Loft One Contracting is able to:

  • Speed up the pre-sale phase and provide high quality proposals to the clients faster than ever
  • Significantly reduce the cost of producing floor plans and the creation of the renderings to be more profitable
  • Get photorealistic 3D renderings to differentiate themselves from the competition, win new contracts and be trusted by their clients

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