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How to Write a Scope of Work for Construction Projects


The scope of work, or SOW, is arguably the most important document in any construction contract. It lays out expectations, provides everyone involved in the project with a shared vision, a common set of objectives, and a clear sense of what they need to do to bring that vision to life – at every stage […]

How to Build Trust: Homeowners and Homebuilders, Remodelers


The world of construction is one of big vision, big dollar buy in, and longer term projects. The coordination and relationship between homeowners, homebuilders, and remodelers is one built on trust. If you are aiming to make a name for yourself, building a construction or design business that stands out, you will need to grow […]

Home Builders and Real Estate Agents: Friends or Foes


The home builder, real estate agent, and buyer relationship can seem like a complicated one. On the one hand, you’ve got the builder who wants to sell new homes and maximize their profits on each sale. On the other hand, you’ve got the buyer who wants to make a wise investment without spending too much. […]

Sustainable Construction: What Builders Need to Know


Across industries, the issues of sustainability and environmental friendliness have become dramatically more important — both to customers and businesses themselves. And for a long time, sustainable construction was thought to be one of the most difficult goals in the quest for sustainable industry practices. But times have changed. Sustainable construction materials have become more […]

Green Roof Construction: Everything You Need to Know


Green roofs have been popular in Europe for years and their popularity is finally growing in North America as well. In this 7-minute read, you’ll learn the basics of green roof construction. Let’s start with… What is Green Roofing? Green roofing is when a layer of vegetation is used to cover all or part of […]