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How to Pre-Sell Homes with 3D Renderings and Floor Plans


Pre-selling homes can be a real challenge. That’s because buyers are used to purchasing physical objects that already exist. But when you pre-sell a home before it’s move-in ready (or even before construction starts), you’re asking someone to buy a big-ticket item that doesn’t exist yet. You’re essentially selling the future. And to do that, […]

15 Top Construction Trends to Watch in 2022


The construction industry is poised for regrowth, but labor shortages and rising construction costs will challenge executives to get creative while still turning a profit. You’ll see the industry leveraging emerging technology like robotics, 3D design, and advanced building materials to tackle obstacles and remain competitive. We’ve gathered the top new trends in construction to […]

16 Emerging Technologies Reshaping The Construction Industry


Construction industry technology isn’t exactly known for being on the cutting edge of innovation. This sector hasn’t seen any major shake ups since the industrial revolution and didn’t make many big strides in the early years of the internet age. Today, construction is finally in the midst of a major transformation. According to ConstructionDive, the […]

20 Best Marketing Ideas for Residential Construction Companies


Residential construction is a competitive game. In September of 2021, construction companies in the United States broke ground on more than 1.5 million homes. That’s just one month in one country, so the potential is huge. But construction companies everywhere are competing hard for these jobs. So, how do you stand out when the big […]

Residential Site Plans: What to Include (and How to Draw Them)


A residential site plan is a critical first step before diving head first into a new build or remodeling project. These plans bridge the gap between what already exists and what you’re planning for the future. They’re essential for getting the go-ahead from state and local building authorities and winning new business. And — they […]