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13 Types of Residential Construction Drawings


When an architect sits down to draft up a new floor plan, the end result may be pretty incredible, but that’s not the drawing that the construction company will use to build the home. Those involved in the home construction process use a large set of drawings called construction drawings. This set of detailed drawings […]

8 Best Tiny House Design Software Platforms for Professional Builders


Tiny houses have been a mainstay among the HGTV crowd for years. They tap into a certain sense of whimsy — but represent something bigger. Tiny houses lower the barrier of entry to home ownership and appeal to people looking to simplify their lives and reduce their overall cost of living. They’re also relatively portable, […]

4 Key Phases of Residential Construction Projects


It’s no secret that construction projects can get complicated — quickly. Even the smallest new builds involve multiple stakeholders with competing goals — clients, designers, architects, engineers, contractors, project managers, and so on. What that means is, there’s plenty of opportunity for delays, miscommunication, and collaboration challenges. Overcoming these challenges starts with a deep understanding […]

How to Create a Site Plan Online: 8 Simple Steps


Having a site plan for your property is important for many reasons whether you are building a new home on an empty lot or adding additional structures to an existing plot. Will landscape items such as trees or hardscapes need to be removed or added? Will the structure fit in when considering setback lines? To […]

Not All Architects Should Outsource 3D Renderings


You’re trying to land your dream client and you know that high-quality 3D renderings will help you seal the deal. So should you outsource the 3D renderings or try and tackle them yourself? While outsourcing 3D renderings to a professional firm can lead to some high-quality images, it’s not always as easy as it seems. […]