Floor Plan Presentations: Definition, Types and Benefits


Sometimes, presentation matters a lot. Fine dining is a great example — the world’s greatest chef might get some bad reviews of her food if she just splatters the food onto a plate.

This concept applies similarly in home building, remodeling, and architecture. It’s all about taking the beautiful floor plan you have developed and presenting it to the client in a way that makes them see the potential you see.

But how do you do that? With a stunning floor plan presentation. Read on to learn more.

What is a floor plan presentation?

As a professional architect or home builder, you have more than likely done a floor plan presentation without realizing it. At its simplest, a floor plan presentation is you showing the client their floor plan.

That’s the simplest version, and it usually involves a 2D site plan presentation or a handful of slides to represent multiple floor plan projects. But technology has enabled home building professionals to do a lot more with their presentations.

floor plan creator

Today, you can use floor plan software like Cedreo to create eye-catching and information-dense 3D, photorealistic, and tourable floor plan presentations that wow clients every time.

floor plan creator

Why are floor plan presentations important?

Your site plan presentation can make or break the whole project. That’s because the presentation communicates incredibly important information to clients at a critical decision point — the point at which the client decides whether they want to move forward with the project as presented.

Here are some of the other reasons why floor plan presentations are important:

Provide accurate dimensions for construction projects

Simple 2D sketches of floor plan projects can become an important part of any floor plan presentation. That’s because you can communicate a ton of information about the dimensions of the project. This is useful for both the client and any contractors who might be involved in the construction.

Show placement of utility systems and furniture

The level of detail you include in a site plan presentation is up to you, but more detail is often better. Easy-to-use floor plan software has made it simple to include as much detail as you want — from the placement of utility systems like plumbing and electrical conduits to the possible placement of the furniture in the completed structure.

Help clients visualize the finished project

All that detail in your floor plan presentation has an extremely important effect on the client: it helps them visualize the finished project. With a properly executed presentation, you bring flat and 3D-representative visuals to life in the client’s mind. That creates an emotional connection to the finished project, as well as eliminates any confusion about the project scope.

Collect (and act on) feedback in real-time

You are presenting your floor plan to the client for approval, but a big part of the approval process involves getting feedback on the work you’ve done. This is why presentations are so important. They provide a formal juncture at which clients can deliver feedback. And if you are using the right floor plan presentation software, you can quickly make the changes in real-time.

Use floor plan presentations as a sales tool

“Show, don’t tell,” applies as strongly to selling home building, remodeling, or architecture services as it does to selling anything else — perhaps even more so. But how do you show what you can do? With a floor plan presentation. Show prospective clients what you can do for them with detailed examples of floor plan projects you can create.

Types of floor plan presentations

Presentations are an important part of the home designing and building process, but there isn’t just one type of floor plan presentation. In fact, there are several. See the different types below.

2D floor plans

Two-dimensional floor plans may look more familiar to your clients than most other types of presentations. That’s because we’re accustomed to seeing this top-down, flat view of buildings and homes. While the format is immediately recognizable, the complete benefits of 2D floor plan presentations may not be immediately clear.

2D floor plan for presentation

For one thing, this format gives your clients a quick and easy way to get the whole rough picture of the floor plan project and make sure that the dimensions listed on the plan are in line with what they pictured. These 2D plans are uncluttered and easy to understand, and a wide range of 2D symbols can represent important furniture and decorations to add even more visual detail.

2D apartment floor plan for presentation

3D floor plans

The addition of a 3D floor plan to your presentation brings with it a level of detail that you simply can’t communicate in 2D. The picture suddenly looks real to life, including the specific wall and floor coverings you’ve chosen, the decorations, the textures, and the colors.

3d floor plan for floor plan presentation

3D floor plans are still shown from the top down, but they can provide an isometric view that showcases the walls and various other details not visible in 2D. Any confusion that might have been left in the client’s mind from the 2D plan will be cleared up in your 3D floor plan presentation.

floorplan 3D

Site plans

Your floor plan presentation doesn’t have to be limited to the home you hope to build. It can — and should — include every structure on the entire property to give your clients the full picture of the work you plan to do.

3d site plan for floor plan presentations

What we are describing is a site plan presentation. This is much like a 2D floor plan presentation, but it includes any structure on the property, such as a detached garage, shed, pool house, pool, pond, and any other important structural element.

2d site plan for floor plan presentations

Landscape plans

Landscaping is a critically important consideration for many home buyers. The landscape is, after all, the canvas on which you will paint the masterpiece home your clients are hoping for. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why the landscape deserves some attention in your floor plan presentation.

3d landscape plan for floor plan presentation

You can give it the attention it deserves with a landscape plan. In 2D or 3D, a landscape plan communicates not only the outdoor features of the landscape but also the elevation, plant life, and much more.

3d landscape rendering for floor plan presentation

Create professional floor plan presentations in less time

Floor plan presentations are nothing short of an essential tool in the toolbox of any home builder, remodeler, or architect. They serve not only an important client communication function but also a revenue-boosting sales function when used correctly.

Years ago, creating floor plans took weeks — even for those who had a professional CAD background. But those days are gone. Now, floor plan software makes the floor plan presentation process quick and easy, and it requires no background knowledge in CAD.

Cedreo works hard to be the fastest, most intuitive, and most full-featured floor plan software for professionals like you. Here are some of the key features we have developed with your needs in mind:

  • The ability to import and resize floor plans
  • Scale floor plan drawing capabilities
  • Instant 3D visualizations of 2D drawings
  • More than 650 customizable doors, windows, and other products
  • The ability to duplicate and reuse floor plan designs
  • A vast library of 3D furniture and decorations
  • Customizable surface textures and coverings
  • The ability to generate photorealistic renderings with HD detail

The list of Cedreo features goes on, but the main takeaway is this: Cedreo makes floor plan presentations easier and more effective, which means less stress and more sales for you. Interested? Give our floor plan software a try today.

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