Cedreo's Culture

The working culture breaks down into three basic pillars

Avoid waste at cedreo

Avoid Waste

Too much time, resources and energy are wasted. But they are precious. Our role is to make a dent in this problem.
Cedreo cares


We take care of our customers, the team and the ecosystem.
ever better at cedreo

Ever Better

There is no personal and professional fulfilment without giving 100% and leaving our comfort zone to progress, together.

At the intersection of these pillars you can find

Cedreo culture pillars

What does it mean?

Have good times : We take our job seriously, very seriously. But there’s no need to take ourselves too seriously. Having a good time and creating good memories together and working in a cohesive and caring team is fundamentally important. Work is a big part of your lives, why should it be a burden?

Symmetric attention : if we take care of our team, our team will take care of our customers, who will give positive feedback to the team : it’s a simple but proven theory. This is a central point in Cedreo's culture.
For more on this point you can read this article .

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CSR presentation Cedreo

Corporate social responsibility : Cedreo's logo is the cedar tree. Like the cedar which can’t grow without its ecosystem, we take care of ours to continue to grow. The best companies are not just the best companies in the world but the best companies for the world.

World class product : We are a tech product company and very proud of our product. It’s very important to be able to say that Cedreo remains the most efficient way to create and simulate a complete house.

Work/life balance : When the workday is over, it’s over. And if something happens that’s clearly more important than work, you go take care of that. You work to live, you don’t live to work.

Efficiency : use your time efficiently so as to avoid waste. Doing great things does not take a huge amount of resources. That’s why we choose to grow by ourselves and have an ambitious but sustainable (for Cedreo and the ecosystem) growth instead of raising funds and burning through cash and selfishly focusing on our own growth without paying attention to the ecosystem.

Cedreo work life balance

Culture is the collection of business practices, processes, and interactions that make up the work environment. It is in a constant state of evolution.

Our core values guide decision-making and a sense of what’s important and what’s right.