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Strategies to Grow & Improve Your Landscape Design Business


In the world of landscape design, growing your business is just like nurturing a garden—it requires care, a good plan, and the right tools. 
Not sure where to focus your efforts to accelerate your business growth? We’ve got you covered. This 10-minute read is packed full of actionable growth tips for landscape design professionals like you.

The Top Strategies to Grow Any Landscape Design Business

Here are the top strategies to ensure your landscape design business flourishes:

1. Create and Execute a Digital Marketing Plan

digital marketing plan illustration

In today’s market, a digital marketing plan is essential. 

Here’s how you can nurture your online presence:

  • Identify the platforms where your clients spend their time and establish a consistent, engaging presence there. Homeowners looking for design help are probably hanging out on social networks like Pinterest. 
  • Develop a content calendar that highlights seasonal tips, showcases past projects, and shares customer testimonials to build credibility.
  • Leverage local SEO by listing your business on directories and optimizing your web content for location-based keywords (your town name or area where you operate).
  • Engage in community forums and Facebook groups related to home improvement and landscaping to position yourself as an industry expert.
  • Use PPC (pay-per-click advertising) to target specific demographics and geographies, driving more qualified leads to your website.
  • Regularly analyze your website’s analytics to understand visitor behavior and refine your strategies for increased engagement.

A well-tended digital marketing plan ensures that when potential clients are searching for landscaping services, your business is easy to find and stands out. 

PRO TIP – If you’re not familiar with basic digital marketing, it’s worth hiring a digital marketing agency specializing in helping local service businesses.

2. Offer Competitive Pricing

pricing illustration

It’s important to create a pricing strategy tailored to your business’s and customers’ needs.

Here’s how to build a smart pricing structure:

  • Conduct thorough market research to understand what competitors are offering and at what price points.
  • Reflect on the unique services or expertise you provide and how they add value to your clients. This will help you justify your rates.
  • Be transparent with your cost breakdowns to foster trust. Clients appreciate knowing what they are paying for.
  • Offer tiered pricing to cater to different budgets while still maintaining profitability.
  • Periodically review and adjust your prices based on operational costs, market demand, and the perceived value you deliver.
  • Incorporate feedback from clients to fine-tune your offerings. 

But what about work during the cold months? Keep going to see a smart tip for developing off-season services.

3. Develop Off-season Services

garden in winter

To keep the business engine running smoothly throughout the year, it’s important to offer services that are in demand even during the slower months:

Here are some tips:

  • Market winterization services for gardens and outdoor spaces, helping clients prepare for the cold.
  • Offer landscape design workshops or webinars to educate homeowners and generate interest in future projects.
  • Collaborate with holiday decorators or event planners to offer landscape-oriented decoration services.
  • Develop indoor plant care programs to help clients bring greenery into their homes when the outdoor landscape is dormant.
  • Provide early-bird specials for clients who plan their spring landscaping projects during the winter months. This also helps ensure a busy start to the season.

By diversifying your services to include off-season offerings, you can smooth out the seasonal peaks and valleys.

4. Deliver Outstanding Professional Plans

Landscape plan example
Landscape plan designed with Cedreo

Delivering professional 3D landscape plans is like painting a picture of the future for your clients. 

Here’s how you can enhance your design delivery:

  • Invest in training to master advanced features of 3D design software like Cedreo. This will help you quickly develop and edit complex designs. Fortunately, Cedreo has a short learning curve so even with no previous 3D design experience, you can quickly create pro-level 3D landscape designs.  
  • Offer photorealistic renderings to help clients visualize the end result. These are powerful tools to add to project presentations that help you win more clients. 
  • Provide clients with multiple design options in 2D and 3D. Use cloud-based software like Cedreo to quickly modify your designs in real time based on client feedback. 

Want to take advantage of the easiest way to deliver outstanding professional landscape plans? Sign up for Cedreo today! With a FREE trial, you’ve got nothing to lose.

5. Expand Your Service Area

Landscape service area illustration

Expanding your service area lets you reach more clients and tap into new markets. 

Here are some tips for achieving this:

  • Use digital marketing to reach out to potential clients in new areas with targeted advertising and localized content.
  • Build partnerships with local suppliers and contractors in new regions to reduce logistics costs and foster community ties.
  • Attend regional home and garden shows to network and showcase your portfolio to a wider audience.
  • Spend time implementing scalable systems and processes so that as your service area grows, your business can handle the increased workload without sacrificing quality.

6. Offer Bundled Service Packages

Landscape bundle package illustration

Bundled service packages provide variety and value that can appeal to a wide range of clients. 

Here are some tips for bundling your services effectively:

  • Combine design, installation and maintenance into a single “full season” package for ease and convenience.
  • Offer exclusive packages for commercial clients, including regular upkeep and seasonal refreshes.
  • Create referral programs that reward clients who bring new business with discounts or additional services.
  • Launch loyalty programs for repeat customers. Offer upgrades or special rates on future services.
  • Tailor packages for special events, such as weddings or corporate gatherings, which require temporary landscaping.

Bundled packages encourage clients to invest in more services, providing them with a one-stop shop for all their landscaping needs. This also helps secure a long-term relationship between them and your business.

How Landscape Design Software Can Help Grow Your Design Business

Modern home design software like Cedreo is an essential tool for improving and growing your landscape design business. With its powerful tools at your fingertips, you can quickly craft beautiful, comprehensive plans that wow clients and save you precious time.

  • Rapidly create high-quality 3D designs
  • Streamline the planning and revision process
  • Enhance client presentations with stunning 3D visuals

By integrating Cedreo into your workflow, you can focus more on your clients and less on cumbersome design processes. Ready to see the difference it can make for your landscaping business? 

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