3D House Plans

Virtual 3D house plans designed in minutes.

Create Professional 3D Home Plans Online

Cedreo makes it easy to design high-quality 3D home plans online. When it comes to a client’s new home, a 3D house plan brings the project to life and makes the design process that much smoother. With a few simple clicks, you’ll be able to design an entire home and its floor plans from start to finish without needing any CAD experience.

Learn more about Cedreo’s 3D house plans and how they can help you impress clients from the start.

2D house plan designed with Cedreo

Draw 2D House Plans

Using the house designer software, you can create professional 2D house plans quickly to help with initial planning and space allocation in a new home.

The drawing tools are intuitive and simple, and within minutes, you’ll start seeing your 2D house plan come together. As you add and adjust elements such as walls and the depth and width of rooms, the dimensions update so you can always ensure you have a completely accurate plan. To add doors, windows, and furniture, all you’ll need to do is drag and drop the symbols to complete your plan. You can customize your design and save several versions and views.

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Visualize House Plans in 3D

Home designers need the right tools to sell the home to clients and give them a way to view the house plan in 3D. With Cedreo’s 3D house planner, you’ll have professional features at your fingertips to make that happen.

The same intuitiveness and easy-to-use features are also a part of the 3D house planner. You can create entire 3D house layouts with a bird’s-eye view. It’s incredibly helpful in helping clients visualize a realistic view of the layout. With the 3D view from above, clients can see the flow between the rooms, and see how their furniture fits in with the design.

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3D house plan designed with Cedreo
3D rendering of a modern house designed with Cedreo

Generate Photorealistic Renderings

Cedreo’s powerful photorealistic rendering software is cloud-based for lightning-fast responsiveness. Your 3D house layout renderings can include lighting, surface shading — even people and animals — and many other elements that help clients envision the completed project. Drag-and-drop furnishings and objects make interior and exterior 3D renderings simple and smooth.

In less than 5 minutes, you can generate first-person 3D room views so clients can immerse themselves in your design. Effectively communicate your plans in 3D using powerful and realistic imagery.

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“We can design almost anything.
That’s ultimately why we chose Cedreo.
Using the 3D renderings most certainly helps in selling the project.”

Sheree Ramm.

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“Having this ability to do this in-house cuts down on the time
where we can present designs. And obviously it is cheaper.
For us, it was a huge win to find Cedreo. ”

Rob Zerrenner.

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Examples of 3D House Plans

Cedreo makes it easy for remodelers , home builders , and interior designers to bring home plans to life. Create realistic and accurate 2D floor plans and photorealistic 3D renderings in minutes that help clients visualize their home.

Cedreo’s 3D house design software makes it easy to create floor plans and photorealistic renderings at each stage of the design process.

Here are some examples of what you can accomplish using Cedreo’s 3D house planning software:

3 bedroom 3d house plan
3 bedroom 3D house plan
3d house plan with basement
3D house plan with basement
Two story 3d house plan
Two story 3D house plan
3D house plan with landscape design
3D house plan with landscape design
4 bedroom 3d house plan
4 bedroom 3D house plan
Open concept 3d house plan
Open concept 3D house plan
3d house plan with gable roof
3D house plan with gable roof
2 bedroom 3d house plan
2 bedroom 3D house plan
3 story 3d house plan
3 story 3D house plan

How It Works

Cedreo is incredibly easy to use — you don’t need advanced technical skills to create renderings. In this section, we’ll walk you through how to draw professional 3D house designs online.

Step #1: Import a House Plan Image or Start From Scratch

You can choose to import an existing house plan image, or start from the beginning and draw your own house plan. If you are importing an existing floor plan, you can use it as a layer to draw walls over it and start building your house plan.
UI shot Layout step trace image feature Cedreo software

Step #2: Draw Walls and Customize House Dimensions

Once you’ve drawn your floor plan, you can start to customize wall depth and width to start bringing it all together. The continuous drawing mode is intuitive and you’ll quickly be able to draw walls in 2D. Drag and drop windows and doors as needed and customize dimensions and colors.
UI shot Cedreo customize Your Floor Plan

Step #3: Add Basements, Stairs and/or Levels

Easily add a basement, stairs, and/or levels with just a few clicks. Duplicate your floor plan to make levels that align perfectly with the same project footprint.
UI shot Cedreo app add level

Step #4: Insert a Roof

Once the house plan is nearly complete, you can add a roof to finish off the structure. You can draw the roof manually or add it in automatically. You’ll be able to select four types of roofs and choose roofing materials from the Cedreo image library.
UI shot Cedreo app add a roof

Step #5: Name Rooms, and Add Symbols & Color Codes

Make it easy for clients to understand what they’re seeing by adding symbols for electrical outlets and other fixtures and color-coding rooms.
UI shot Cedreo plan step

Step #6: Furnish and Decorate in 3D With Our Object Library

You can add further details with our 3D object library. Choose from over 7,000 pieces of furniture, finishes, landscaping elements, decor , and more. Customize dimensions, colors, and materials according to your client’s style, or decorate even faster with our pre-packaged, coordinated items.
UI shot furnishings step Cedreo

Step #7: Generate a Photorealistic Visualization

Once you’ve completed your design, you can generate a photorealistic visualization to add to presentation decks and send to clients. It takes only 5 minutes to generate a 3D rendering of the interior and exterior. Add a finishing touch by creating nighttime and daytime views.
UI shot HD Visuel step Cedreo

Step #8: Download 2D House Plans to Scale

If you just need 2D house plans, Cedreo can do that too! You can download 2D house plans at scale for full accuracy. In just one click, download a 2D floor plan as well as the surface area table. You can download 2D house plans in PDF format to share with clients.
UI shot Cedreo download 2D plan to scale

Step #9: Share with Your Team and Clients

You’re all set! Once downloaded, your house plans can be shared with your team and/or clients. If you have the Enterprise plan, you can share projects with your team directly through the app.
UI shot Cedreo project manager
Want to learn more about how Cedreo makes 3D home design easy? Watch this short video to see Cedreo in action!

Create Stunning 2D and 3D House Floor Plans Online… in Minutes

Cedreo helps you create and finish 2D and 3D floor plans within a single platform — no CAD software required! With our cloud-based 3D house planner, you can access designs from wherever you are and be confident that your files are secure.

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