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Create Professional 2D & 3D Room Layouts in Half the Time.

Create 2D Layouts and 3D Visualizations Online

Save loads of time, money, and hassle with Cedreo layout software. No other room layout program lets housing professionals like you do so much so fast. See how Cedreo can streamline your workflow and help you close deals faster.

2D Layouts

2D Layouts

Accurate 2D layouts are the foundation of any home design. Fortunately, Cedreo layout software is engineered to help you create 2D floor plans faster than ever. Its continuous drawing mode lets you create a basic room layout in just four clicks.

Then as you work, you instantly see the room’s up-to-date measurements so you can quickly double-check the floor plan for accuracy. When it’s time to add windows, doors, furniture, or other design elements, just drag and drop them from the design library and customize them as needed.

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2D floor plan of a 3 bedrooms house

3D Layouts

3D Layouts

We know how difficult it is to get clients to envision the finished project. That’s why you’ll love how Cedreo layout software gives you the power to see the 3D layouts as you draw in 2D. There’s no need to switch programs or even windows to see both. Any change you make to the 2D plan is instantly shown in the 3D layout. This is a great tool for making changes in the field and then instantly showing your client the updated layout.

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3D view of a single storey house with 3 bedrooms

Layout Renderings

Layout Renderings

Bring your room diagrams to life with photorealistic 3D renderings. Cedreo helps you create detailed renderings complete with realistic textures, shadows, and lighting effects. Stunning renderings like these make project presentations pop so you can close deals faster. Best of don’t need to be a 3D modeling whiz. All it takes to get your layout rendering is one click in Cedreo.

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UI shot: Live 3D view in the software

"This software is easy to use and gives me the ability to let our customers see the finished product of their home before it’s built. Many customers have a hard time visualizing typical construction plans, but the 3D view lets our customers get a true feeling of the finished product they will be getting. There are many customizable furniture and household items to give the 3D views a very professional outcome." - Gail B.

Create Professional Layouts for Any Room Type

From office plans to living room diagrams, thousands of Cedreo users are designing professional layouts easier than ever. Check out some different layouts, renderings, and 3D plans you can create in a matter of hours — no CAD experience required!
2D bedroom layout
2D bedroom layout
3D bedroom design
3D bedroom design
2D kitchen layout
2D kitchen layout
3D kitchen layout
3D kitchen layout
2D bathroom layout
2D bathroom layout
3D bathroom
3D bathroom layout
2D living room layout
2D living room layout
3D living room layout
3D living room layout

Why Builders and Designers Choose Cedreo’s Layout Software

More and more builders, designers, and remodelers are switching to Cedreo online layout software. You just can’t beat its powerful design tools, short learning curve, and world-class support team that want you to succeed. Check out more reasons housing professionals like you are making the switch.
Floor plan icon

Import Existing Floor Plans

Got some existing 2D floor plans? Just import into Cedreo set the scale, and trace over the layout to create a replica. Once the layout’s in Cedreo, you can save the plans to be reused on future projects.

2D & 3D simultaneously icon

Draw in 2D & View in 3D

Most layout programs make you purchase extra add-ons or additional programs to create 3D views. Not the case with Cedreo — you get instant design feedback with side-by-side 2D and 3D views of your project.

customize layouts icon

Customize Room Layouts

Create room diagrams tailored to your client’s tastes. Customize each room with color-coding and symbols for wall types, room names, and furniture pieces.

Furnishings icon

Choose From 7,000+ Furnishings

With a virtually unlimited combination of colors, surface materials, flooring, decorations, and furnishings, you know you’ll be able to find the perfect combination to match your client’s needs. Or choose from the premade product packs for one-click room decorating.

Resize layout icon

Resize Room Layouts

Need to adjust the layout? No worries, just click and drag walls to quickly change the layout. This makes it easy to rework plans based on client feedback or to repurpose a previous layout for a new project.

Share layouts icon

Share Layout Designs

Collaboration is simple with Cedreo’s cloud-based software. The Enterprise plan lets team members collaborate on projects across multiple devices — even when they’re away from the office computer. And when it’s time to share your layout designs with clients, just export and send them in easy-to-view PDF, JPEG, or PNG formats.

How to Design and Visualize Room Layouts

Forget the expensive CAD layout software or complicated 3D modeling programs. Even with no previous design experience, Cedreo lets you create a professional layout for an entire home in as little as two hours. All it takes are these 5 steps.

1. Draw or Import Layout

It all starts with Cedreo’s continuous drawing mode. Whether you’re tracing over an existing plan or starting from scratch each click is an angle. Accuracy is easy with snap drawing tools and visible measurements as you draw. Once the walls are drawn, head to the Wall Openings tab to insert and customize doors and windows.
UI shot of the trace image option

2. View Layout in 3D

As you’re working, watch the 3D layout take shape. With this immediate design feedback, you’re able to make faster design decisions. Plus, you can set the 3D view as your main working view so it’s easier to fine-tune the decorations and furniture layout design.
UI shot of the layout step

3. Decorate and Furnish

Now head to the Furnishings and Materials tabs. The Materials tab gives you an extensive library of surface materials for customizing just about any surface in the home with tile, wood, and other elements. Then in the Furnishings tab, choose thousands of different objects from a wide variety of decor styles. Select pieces one by one for a 100% custom design or use one of the pre-made product packs for decorating the space with just one click.
UI shot of the furnishings step

4. Render the Layout

Now it’s time to bring the design to life! Head to the HD Visual tab to create a photorealistic rendering of the layout. Adjust the lighting, choose the viewpoint, and submit it for rendering. Cedreo’s servers take care of the heavy lifting so your rendering is ready in just 5 minutes.
UI shot HD visual step

5. Share Layout With Team and Clients

Choose the Enterprise plan for streamlined collaboration with your team. Download and print layouts to scale for the construction team to use during the project. And get fast client feedback with easy-to-share plans and renderings that don’t require any special software to open.
UI shot of the project manager

"Impressive. After seeing a lot of systems, this is hands down the best I've seen." - Miguel V.

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