Tips for quickly staging real estate project

5 tips for quickly staging your real estate

- Tips and tricks

As a seller of single-family homes, your job is changing and plans without perspective are no longer enough. As a 3D home design software, the goal of Cedreo Home Planner is for you to spend as little time as possible staging your property while offering a quality perspective to your clients. Even if the important thing is the layout, when you produce an interior or exterior perspective, it’s always a good idea to decorate at least minimally in order to help your prospects form an attachment to their real estate project.

Here are five tips for quickly arranging your property:

#1 Design the yard (walkways/driveways and patios) without walking around your property

You may say to yourself, “But I can’t cross my house with the yard. It’ll show!” But no, when you design your property on Cedreo, there’s automatically a 20 cm slab that’s created below, while the lawn does not exceed 4 cm. Save time and dedicate it to your project!

On the same principle, if you have drawn the grass, and you need to add a patio or a driveway or walkway to your 3D house, there’s no need to start over: draw it directly on the grass!

In short, this is how you do it:

  • Draw a large rectangle of grass
  • Add a driveway or walkway and/or a patio on top of your grass

Practical, right?

#2 Packs and styles at the product and finishes step

You have undoubtedly noticed that in each Room tab, there are furniture items and packs. The advantage of packs is that they come pre-decorated (a table with flowers and plates, a bed with nightstands, a shelf with towels, etc.). This saves a considerable amount of time when it comes to staging a 3D house!

And if you don’t dare to add too much of your personal style in decorating your property, you also have styles. The difference? Styles are grouped under three categories (Nordic, Contemporary, and Quaint). There, you will find objects to go in the room you’ll be furnishing, and everything has been validated, so you can be certain that all the objects go together. No more wondering which chair will go with your couch and your coffee table, or if the style of the bathroom goes with the rest of the house!

To save you time, these styles are also available in the “Finishes” step, where you’ll have all the tones and materials that go together without having to test beforehand!

#3 Duplicate a product, a window/door opening, or a finish

Saving time means saving on the number of clicks required. This is why you have the “Continuous Selection” option, a very practical tool when you have to quickly draw your floor plan or design it.

When placing your openings, you’ll often have the same dimensions for the same type of opening as well as the same color trim for all of them. For example, for casement windows in the four bedrooms, select the opening you want, then decide on the dimensions and choose the color. Then check “Continuous Selection” and click on the “Duplicate” thumbnail. You’ll have the same openings with the same characteristics right at the tip of your mouse, ready to be added to your 3D project as many times as you need! When you’re finished, the space bar on your keyboard allows you to deselect.

Using the same feature for products (exterior plantings or books on a shelf, for example), allows you to more quickly stage your 3D home.

#4 2D view

Yes, we are a 3D home design software program, but we also use 2D to furnish and add finishes! Here’s how:

When you go into 2D (just below the “Exterior” and “Product” steps) and uncheck the display of all the levels, you have a view “from above” the activated floor of your property. This way, it’s easier to arrange furniture and ceiling lights, for example. Then, just go back to 3D to make adjustments if need be.

#5 Overall application

The last tip (but not the least important): Overall Application. Some of you may have worked with Cedreo before the addition of this feature, which was invented by our awesome team of engineer developers. The idea? Applying a finish on one wall to paint the entire room. Very useful, especially for your 3D home’s exterior plaster! If you only want to paint one wall, you can obviously just uncheck “Overall Application”!

Overall application is also useful for openings and identical products. For example, to change the color of the chairs around a table or the color of the kitchen cabinets, etc. Go ahead and give it a try. It’ll save you a lot of time!

I hope that with these five tips, you’ll see how you can save time on the staging of the interior and exterior of your home in order to increase your sales. Please feel free to share your tips on Cedreo software as well as your most stunning visuals on Facebook or in the comments section of this article.