Cedreo named in the top 5 home builder software by Appvizer


Which software package should you choose when you’re a building professional, and specifically a single-family home builder?

Appvizer, the B2B software comparison platform, provides a useful overview of available tools in the construction market, and Cedreo stands out.

Appvizer shares its top 5 software programs for new home construction

Appvizer magazine presents a selection of the best home builder software for single-family home construction. The article reviews the strengths of each solution according to the overall needs and challenges encountered daily by home builders. In particular:

  • achievement of business objectives
  • sales management
  • ability to react to competition
  • communication between the various functional services within the company
  • project supervision
  • proposals and invoicing
  • BIM and its compatibility with other tools
  • Compliance of buildings to RT 2012 and 2020 norms

Cedreo: the best 3D architectural software for single-family home sales professionals according to Appvizer

Appvizer recommends Cedreo to builders’ sales teams to accelerate single-family home sales.

Their experts base their conclusions on the following reasons:

  • its simplicity, which allows sales professionals to use it for their floor plans and photo-quality perspectives without having to go through the design office
  • photorealistic 3D renderings quality, which impress the customers and allow them to visualize themselves within their construction project as if they were really there, helping sales professionals surpass their sales objectives
  • a wealth of features and collections of furnishings and floor coverings which can be used by a sales professional in order to create a 3D floor plan from A to Z, complete with roof and exterior, for an integrated custom layout
  • time-savings via collections of home models validated by the architect or civil engineer

See Appvizer’s complete review of Cedreo 3D home design software, and discover other complementary tools for your business by reading the top 5 software programs for single-family home builders.

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