3D renderings for home builder sales

5 reasons home builders use 3D renderings in their sales

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3D perspectives are rapidly gaining popularity and have become essential in home construction.

Transforming a simple 2D plan into photorealistic views, these perspectives provide strong competitive advantages, such as attracting the attention of future buyers, helping them to better understand the construction process and visualization for faster decision-making.

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Reason #1: 3D perspectives allow you to present a construction projet in its best light

It’s pretty impossible to depict a property that doesn’t yet exist, right? And difficult to show a property’s full potential with a simple 2D plan, right? This is where photorealist 3D perspectives can come in handy for highlighting the features of a future construction.

90% of buyers found photos of properties for sale very useful in their decision-making process.

The photorealistic 3D perspective provides a precise representation of a home-building project, allowing you to highlight its best features and present it in its best light. It allows you to reduce the need for imagination on the part of future buyers when presenting them with a 2D plan. On a photorealistic perspective like a 3D floor plan, the customer can visualize their project as if they were there, in addition to getting a feel for the interior and exterior spaces. It’s easy to project yourself, especially if a personalized layout is offered.

3D interior and exterior staging with furniture and finishes chosen, makes sense at this point. Therefore, it’s essential to have sufficiently qualified the customer’s needs during the first meeting to be able to present them with a project that meets their expectations.

Reason #2: 3D perspectives avoid surprises for buyers

One of the challenges for builders is ensuring that the client has understood the overall project in order to avoid last-minute changes and potential dissatisfaction or disappointment after construction has already begun.

The architectural 3D perspective allows you to immediately correct potential mistakes or choices that are displeasing to the customer. It’s, in fact, easy to make these modifications with them during the sales meeting directly on the 3D architectural software so they can quickly see the changes.

To avoid bad experiences, create images that show exactly what the customer wishes to see. Remember that a dissatisfied or disappointed customer can affect your reputation. Word-of-mouth travels quickly!

Reason #3 : 3D perspectives are profitable because they allow you to sell houses more quickly

3D technology has made a lot of progress and is now more accessible than ever. The realism of 3D architectural perspectives has become more and more impressive, and everything can run on an inexpensive computer. Concurrently, architectural 3D perspectives reduce the pre-sale phase by speeding up the decision-making process.

“With Cedreo, we went from from 180 to 250 houses sold.” – Gilles Hoebeke (Coméca Houses)

Reason #4: 3D perspectives allow you to capture the attention of future buyers

The market changes quickly, and having visually pleasing projects can make all the difference in selling more.

92% of buyers have conducted online research during their home purchase process.

With model-based, fully-furnished projects and high-quality 3D perspectives, it’s easier to attract potential clients and sell directly from the plans. 3D home perspectives make for rich content which can also be easily posted on social networks to attract the attention of a wider audience. 3D perspectives added to posts on social media generate more followers and lead to more brand engagement. Active engagement on social media plays a major role in attracting new customers in the home building sector.

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Reason #5: a great way to set yourself apart from the competition

Consumers are solicited more than ever when they begin a home construction project. It’s important to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Photorealism 3D perspectives are a solution which allow you to highlight your catalog of homes. The visually impressive presentation of a project will surely attract more clients, and will also increase your opportunity to differentiate yourself from competitors’ projects.

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