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Living Room Design Ideas Your Client’s Will Love


The living room sets the tone for the heart of any home. As an interior designer, creating a living space tailored to your clients’ lifestyles promises to win their hearts and trust. From young professionals in their first apartment to growing families to empty nesters, diverse living room design ideas abound to match any client’s needs and style.

Below, we’ll explore essential questions to identify how your clients use their living space. Then, dive into ten versatile living room design ideas perfect for any client, style, or budget. Read on!

Identify How Your Clients Use Their Living Space

Before the fun begins, thoughtful planning ensures your living room design suits your clients’ lifestyle. Begin by asking questions to understand their needs and vision for the space.

  • How do they anticipate using this room?
  • Relaxing alone or entertaining others?
  • Lounging comfortably or conducting work meetings?
  • Enjoying media with family or hosting holiday parties?

Also, inquire about your clients’ aesthetic preferences, favorite colors, patterns, and styles. Gather images, fabrics, or color swatches they’re drawn to. This information allows you to custom design a functional, on-brand living space.

If possible, observe how existing furniture is positioned. What works? What doesn’t? How might simple tweaks like re-arranging, removing, or repurposing pieces elevate the current setup? Address needs for additional seating, storage, or workstations in your proposal.

Finally, understand your client’s timeline and budget constraints for the project. This focuses your design ideas on pragmatically meeting their expectations. Armed with this essential background, you can confidently craft a living room to delight clients for years to come.

10 Living Room Design Ideas for Any Client

The design possibilities for chic, livable living rooms are endless, from glamorous centerpieces to cozy reading nooks. Below, we explore ten versatile living room design ideas to match any client’s unique lifestyle and personality.

1. Incorporate Eye Catching Pieces

Living room with eye catching pieces
3D render by Cedreo

Make a statement by incorporating an eye-catching sculpture, console table, or area rug demanding attention upon entering the space. Metallic finishes, vibrant jewel tones, or organic shapes create focal points to anchor the rest of the room’s design details.

Warm a minimalist aesthetic by positioning a vibrant Persian rug beneath a streamlined neutral sofa. Or carve out defined conversation areas atop an ornate Turkish carpet. For bohemian clients, make an organic statement with a macramé tapestry or trunk serving as both artwork and storage.

Sculptural lighting also infuses living rooms with an artistic focal point. Explore modern chandeliers, celestial pendant features, or bankers lamps spotlighting beloved books. Essentially, identify your client’s passion points through art, color, or cherished travel artifacts to design an eye-catching statement living room visitors will fawn over.

2. Play With Patterns and Textures

Living room hand painted mural example
Credit: Cedreo

While matching furniture sets simplify planning cohesive designs, don’t be afraid to play with complementary patterns and textures for added visual interest. Layer printed throw pillows atop textural shag or velvet sofas, then ground the space with an abstract area rug for intriguing depth.

Explore globally inspired ikat pillows tossed with organic linen sofa upholstery and a dynamic jute rug beneath. Or create dimension with preppy ticking stripe chair cushions on a navy linen sectional against a faded Turkish kilim carpet. Essentially, layering converging patterns immerses clients in multi-dimensional living rooms brimming with style and personality.

Gallery wall decoration
Cedreo’s 3D rendering

For family-focused clients desiring a personal touch, incorporate a gallery wall showcasing cherished photos, children’s artwork, or meaningful travel mementos collected through the years. Display a rotating mix of framed images, sculptures, and paintings in asymmetrical vignettes for plenty of flexibility in updating over time.

Let kids rotate new masterpieces into the displays. Re-organize groupings seasonally to highlight winter holiday cards and then summer vacation photos. Essentially, the ever-changing gallery wall functions as a curated family art exhibit full of heartwarming memories.

4. Update the Fireplace

Fireplace remodeling in a living room
3D rendering generated with Cedreo

The classic fireplace remains a beloved living room feature, promising lasting return on investment for homeowners. Refreshing the fireplace transforms any living room from drab to fab!

Lackluster brick surrounds effortlessly upgrade with creamy neutral paint for a sleek, contemporary look. Or embrace the organic texture with natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile designs. Update a dated mantel with chunky live-edge wood planks or classic molding details. Include handy closed storage with integrated cabinetry to eliminate clutter. Finally, don’t neglect the stylist possibilities of the hearth – layer an eye-catching lush rug or vibrant patterned tiles to revive a tired living room focal point.

5. Create Seating Areas

multiple seating areas in a living room example
Credit: Cedreo

Rather than anchoring living rooms around a single sofa orientation, explore creative ways to carve out multiple, defined seating areas for both intimate and group gatherings. Position two slender settees around a polished coffee table vignette catering to quiet conversation. Nearby, angle a pair of slipcovered armchairs toward an organic side table topped with coffee table books, creating a tucked-away reading nook. Finally, float a spacious sectional facing the entertainment center to accommodate family movie nights or Super Bowl celebrations.

Mingling multiple seating arrangements nurtures both community gathering and solitary recharging in stylish, multi-functional living rooms. Pay special attention to traffic flow and sightlines between vignettes to ensure non-disruptive transitions while hosting guests.

6. Add a Bar Area

living room with bar area example
Cedreo’s 3D render

For clients who entertain often, incorporate convenient bar areas, keeping drinks, glassware, and wine readily accessible without cluttering other living zones. Convert an unused niche or corner into a petite bar nook with open shelving storing go-to entertaining essentials. Adorn it with an eye-catching light fixture. Or better yet,  install a kitchen pass-through window with a bar countertop allowing guests to mix their own drinks while the host socializes.

For less restrictive layouts, carved pedestals, consoles, or antique dresser bars anchor freestanding vignettes to store barware. Top with dramatic pendant lighting and sleek stools for casual gathering between activity zones. Well-designed and stocked home bars simplify entertaining any crowd with minimal setup and cleanup.

7. Try a Two-Tone Wall

two tone wall example
Credit: Cedreo

Infuse visual intrigue through creative application of two-tone wall designs. Balancing a moody navy blue lower wall with crisp white upper walls and trim elicits an intimate yet airy aesthetic. Grounded charcoal gray on bottom dining room walls plays nicely against lively peach upper walls and built-ins. Any two complementary paint colors split creatively across walls creates a stylish drama much more appealing than all-over dark or stark white schemes.

For renters averse to paint commitment, many removable two-tone wallpaper options are available, including sophisticated grasscloth, striking geometric patterns, and textural organic prints. Creative clients can also display removable wall mural decals or modern peel-and-stick wallpaper upgrades, which can be easily removed before moving out. Either way, split color walls add affordable interest suitable for both homeowners and renters craving captivating style without the commitment of permanent paint.

8. Hang Curtains High

Hang Curtains High example
3D render by Cedreo

Wave goodbye to aging window treatments sagging lifelessly mid-window. Modern design embraces dramatically high curtain rods installing as close to the ceiling as possible. Sky-high curtain rods draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of taller, airier rooms no matter the square footage. This flexible hack adapts well whether clients prefer breezy sheers or substantial drapery panels.

9. Build a Window Seat or Reading Nook

reading nook example
Cedreo’s 3D rendering

Many clients relish a tucked-away niche catering to their quiet hobbies like reading, puzzles or sipping tea while gazing outdoors. Custom window seats or nooks build character in a home and offer calming views of nature. Frame the cushy space with bookshelves, drapery, or framed walls. 

Seek out sunny bay windows and build window seats complete with storage, power outlets, and an abundance of pillows for snuggling in for hours undisturbed. For more open layouts, carve out inviting reading nooks in under-utilized areas with a comfy chair or loveseat, organic side table, and task lighting. 

10. Blend Indoor Outdoor Living

Blend Indoor Outdoor Living Example
3D rendering by Cedreo

As work-from-home lifestyles persist, creative living room design erases boundaries between indoor and outdoor living areas. Expand the aura of light and space with wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling glass doors fully retracting to melt the patio and living room into one fluid entertaining oasis. Incorporate weather-resistant rugs, patio-friendly furniture upholstery, and potted foliage to further blur the lines. 

Finally, unify indoor and outdoor color palettes through painted floors mimicking wood decks or coordinating exterior siding and landscape tones. The blended aesthetic amplifies square footage for clients, embracing panoramic views and seamless hosting.

Hopefully, these living room design ideas sparked inspiration for impressing clients with style and vision! But juggling interior design projects solo has its limits. Powerful technology paves the way to winning more clients and executing streamlined projects with simplicity.

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