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Living Room Interior Design Trends to Expect in 2024


The living room is often considered the heart of the home – it’s where we gather with friends and family to relax, entertain, and make memories. As we enter 2024, several exciting living room trends are emerging that promise to make this special space even more warm, inviting, and reflective of our personal styles.

Let’s take a look at what trends are on their way out in 2023 before exploring the top seven living room interior design trends you can expect to see more of in 2024.

Interior Design Ideas Being Left in 2023

Before diving into the hottest interior design living room trends for 2024, let’s reflect on what trends are fading out of popularity going into the new year. This allows us to consciously shift our interior design plans to align with what will be fresh and current in 2024. Some living room interior design ideas on their way out include:

All-White Color Palettes: Crisp all-white interiors have reigned supreme in recent years, with bright white walls, sofas, rugs, and accessories creating a clean, airy aesthetic. However, this trend is expected to decline moving into 2024 as many designers feel that all-white color palettes lack visual depth and dimension. White-on-white schemes can read as flat, stark, and uninviting over time despite the cheerful first impression.

As homeowners seek out enveloping, textured living room spaces, expect to see all-white color stories punctuated with accent colors and patterns in 2024. Soft pastel pinks, earthy terra cotta tones, or vibrant teal textiles help breathe fresh life into white foundations. Natural wood furniture also introduces warmth and texture to balance the white backdrop. Ultimately, infusing white foundations with pops of contrast and color rescues the serene aesthetic from fading into obscurity in 2024 designs.

Dark Moody Hues: Inky navy blues, black accent walls, and moody forest green palettes rose to prominence in recent years for their cozy, enveloping drama. However, designers caution against taking the moody vibe too far into total darkness. When used excessively without balance, these rich, saturated colors can feel one-dimensional and overwhelming.

To avoid this, expect to see dark, moody living room color palettes evolve in 2024 interior trends. Designers will continue embracing these dark, dramatic tones, but balance them with lighter accents to keep spaces feeling fresh and multidimensional. For example, inky blue walls pop against antique white trim details and furniture. Or deep emerald greens sing when balanced with ivory, cream, and blush pink textiles. The visual depth creates a cocooning vibe that flat dark walls lack on their own. Essentially, dark moody hues aren’t disappearing in 2024 – but incorporating intentional balance is key to preventing these showstopping colors from feeling flat.

Massive Sectionals: For much of the 2010s, oversized sectional sofas dominated living room interiors as the seating option of choice. These spacious sectionals comfortably accommodate large families or gatherings of friends binge-watching the latest streaming series together. However, as we move into 2024, expect to see sectionals downsized in favor of more intimate seating arrangements that encourage connection.

While massive sectionals will still have their place in larger family rooms, living room trends will shift focus to smaller loveseats, apartments-sized sofas, and chairs. These less bulky furnishings carve out defined conversation nooks and reading spots perfect for reconnecting with loved ones instead of zoning out on devices. Swapping out a giant sectional for two settees or a petite sofa creates physical space to come together. Designers will continue embracing the clean, contemporary look of compact furnishings layered with luxe throw pillows and blankets for curling up. Ultimately, more intimate living room seating choices reflect homeowners’ renewed desire for quality time together after years of isolation and emotional disconnection.

DIY Wallpaper: Removable, renter-friendly wallpaper skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade as an affordable, temporary way to introduce color and interest to basic walls. Both bold graphic prints and textured natural designs allowed homeowners to quickly give lackluster spaces a stylish facelift without long-term commitment. However, as more millennials reach homebuying age and invest in properties long-term, this temporary wallpaper solution will decline moving into 2024 interior design trends.

Instead of quick DIY paper upgrades, expect to see more homeowners opt for high-quality wall finishes built to stand the test of time. From sophisticated grasscloth and metallic wallcoverings to hand-painted murals and textural slatwalls, permanent solutions promise to elevate living rooms for years beyond 2024. For those still hesitant about permanency, removable wall mural decals or peel-and-stick wallpaper offer removable options with elevated, tailored style. Essentially, the rise of TikTok DIY and impermanent wallpaper is on its way out as homeowners think long-term.

All-Gray Aesthetic: For several years, gray stood proudly as a popular neutral backdrop beloved for its versatility to let other colors pop. However, gray also saturated the interior design market to the point many spaces read as dull and uninspired. Excess gray can feel cold, dreary, and lack dimension – a far cry from its original appeal.

As more vibrant, nature-inspired colors and textures infiltrate 2024 interior design trends, expect to see gray step back as the default neutral. Softer taupes, warm khakis, rich umbers, and earthy terracottas will muscle gray aside as more interesting and multidimensional backdrops. Additionally, white walls will re-surge pairing beautifully with gray’s replacement neutrals without falling flat.

Essentially, gray retreated from its pedestal as the quintessential neutral in 2024. However, touches of gray will still feel current and stylish when used intentionally as an accent. But for large-scale applications like walls, sofa upholstery, or expansive area rugs, expect to see gray cede territory to fresher neutral newcomers ready to define 2024’s interpretation of the “new neutral”.

Now that we’ve covered some outgoing living room trends, let’s explore the top 7 incoming trends you can expect to see more of in 2024!

1. Statement Lighting

living room statement lighting example
Rendered with Cedreo

Gone are the days of purely utilitarian overhead lighting and lamps. In 2024, dramatic statement light fixtures will take center stage in living room interior design. From cascading amber pendant lights to constellation-inspired celestial fixtures, statement lighting adds an artistic focal point and infuses interiors with dimension through the interplay of light and shadows.

Incorporate metallic finishes, sculptural shapes, and warm materials like rattan and wood for on-trend statement lighting in 2024. Don’t be afraid to go big – oversized statement fixtures help create an intimate, cavernous aesthetic.

2. Hand Painted Murals

Living room hand painted mural example
3D rendering generated with Cedreo

Custom murals have decorated the walls of boutique hotels, restaurants, and bohemian abodes for years. Now, expect this artistic trend to infiltrate living room interior design in 2024. Whether painted directly onto a wall or designed on removable wallpaper, murals allow you to incorporate color, shape, and visual interest unique to your personal style.

From tropical palm prints, to abstract watercolors, to geometric illustrations – a hand painted mural serves as the ultimate artistic accent for your living room. Consider working with a local mural artist to design a custom piece based on your passions, favorite travel destinations, or cherished memories.

3. Moody Color Palettes

living room moody color example
3D rendering by Cedreo

While the all-out moody, vampire lair aesthetic may be fading out, living rooms will still embrace rich, emotive colors in 2024. Deep greens, blues, and eggplant purples provide a complex, enveloping backdrop when balanced with neutral and light accent tones. These colors emulate the shades found in nature, creating an organic, peaceful ambiance.

Designers will often look to Pantone’s annual Color of the Year for guidance on rising color trends. For 2024, Pantone selected the lush green hue Viva Magenta as its standout color, suggesting moody greens and purples will feel fresh and current for living room interiors.

4. Maximalism on the Rise

maximalism living room example
Credit: Jessica Isaac

As many homeowners crave comfort and nostalgia amidst an unpredictable world, expect to see maximalism continue its rise into 2024 living room interior design. Maximalism is the polar opposite of strict, sleek minimalism – it embraces color, texture, patterns, and a diversity of furnishings for an eclectic, collected look. 

To nail maximalist interior design, layer rugs, update vintage flea market finds side-by-side with modern décor, display art and cherished travel artifacts, and don’t be afraid of bold colors and patterns. Maximalism allows you to surround yourself with things you love while creating a living room with depth, intimacy, and soul.

5. Closing Open Floor Plans

closed living room example
3D render by Cedreo

Open-concept interior design dominated the 2010s, doing away with walls in favor of airy, connected common spaces. But after years spent primarily at home, many now crave privacy, intimacy, and defined spaces catered to work, relaxation, and entertainment. Because of this, expect closed floor plans to rise in 2024 interiors.

Creative ways to close open living room floor plans include installing sliding doors, room dividers, shelving partitions, or curtains. This allows homeowners to customize spaces to suit changing needs. Closed living rooms allow for quiet reconnect time away from other household activities.

6. Oversized Accent Pieces

living room oversized accent pieces example
Rendered with Cedreo

While massive sectionals may decline in 2024, oversized chairs, ottomans, abstract rugs, and accent tables will prevail as sculptural living room statements. These substantial furnishings ground spaces with texture and create intimate vignettes within expansive rooms.

Oversized curved chairs provide a relaxing respite, while a chunky knit throw tossed on an abstractly shaped chair adds a cozy texture. Giant floor vases, ceramics, or side tables make excellent end tables or plant stands. And don’t discount the style-defining power of an opulent area rug!

7. Sustainability Continues to Shine

sustainable living room example
3D rendering generated with Cedreo

Sustainable practices gained significant traction in 2023, a trend bound to continue as climate change and ecology preservation remain top of mind. Expect eco-conscious choices like upcycled and vintage furniture, renewable and non-toxic materials, and durable craftsmanship to rise in 2024 interiors.

When designing your living room, seek out brands that uphold ethical production practices and contribute to causes aligned with your values. Support local artists and craftsmen whenever possible. Be creative about repurposing items you already own for a refreshed look. The possibilities for sustainable, purpose-driven design are truly endless!

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