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Residential Construction Drawings: How to Create Plans That Close More Deals


Residential construction drawings are at the heart of any home building project. They offer the details needed to get building permits and build the home. When it comes to potential buyers, though, they can be overwhelming. Firms often offer 30 pages of architectural drawings that leave potential customers more confused than excited. Here is how […]

What As-Built Drawings Are and Why They’re Important


As-built drawings are an essential part of the construction process, but because they typically come toward the end of the process, they are often an afterthought. But they shouldn’t be. In fact, contractors, home designers and architects should be thinking about as-built drawings throughout the design and construction process. That’s because what your as-built drawings […]

How to Write a Construction Company Business Plan (12 Steps)


You are starting a construction business. You own a construction company. Do either of those statements sound like you? If so, you need a construction company business plan. Building a construction company is hard work, but you don’t reach success on hard work alone. You also need strategic planning, an in-depth understanding of the competition, […]

Conceptual Estimating and its Importance in Construction


Conceptual estimating is an essential part of any construction project’s early stages. Do it right and your project is more likely to come in under budget and ahead of schedule. Do it wrong and you’ll face budget overruns, re-bids, and even project cancellations. So an accurate conceptual estimate can potentially make or break your project. […]

How to Create an Impactful Architecture Portfolio


If you’re studying to be an architect or an architect who is just starting out, this is for you. You are going to face a mountain of competition and there’s only one real way to stand out from the crowd: a world-class architecture portfolio. Every first-year architecture student knows they will have to have a […]