Cedreo Architectural Design Software Then & Now: A Quick Look Back


2019 came to an end and what a year! You might have noticed that a lot’s changed around here lately. Since the beginning of 2019, a new team was built, ready to launch Cedreo in the US and Germany, a new website was born, not to mention new features and a lot of 3D items were added to the Cedreo product library.

We’ll go through the highlights from the last few months.

March: A promising start to the year 2019

It’s late March, Cedreo is about to launch a new version of its architecture software in the US.

We worked hard on it and thrived to make it as easy to use as possible so that no technical background would be necessary to be up and running quickly. Home builders, remodelers, interior designers, and realtors would soon be ready to draw floor plans with Cedreo.

The product was built with a complete batch of 3D objects and materials: furnitures, decorations, windows, doors, floor coverings, wall coverings, outdoor items, etc. But we wanted to improve it with additional items and features as per our first users’ feedbacks, based on their needs and the way they use the software on a daily basis.

Spring season: Great launch

It’s early April and we just launched Cedreo US. We were so excited to have our very first users and the first American home design projects with them:

first American home design projects with Cedreo

The Customer Success team organized to make sure that our users reach out to with their ideas and proposals to help improve the product. At that time, the team welcomed Pierre, one of our happy Customer Success manager, based in Boston. Pierre is here to make sure that our users are all set when testing Cedreo, to give them some help on how to use it, and to gather all the suggestions we receive from our US users. We got some proposals from you and reviewed every one of them and we prioritized those which had to be developed first and those which could wait. This is, of course, an ongoing process which was improved throughout the year.

We live by the conviction that the user experience and the value delivery can be improved if we involve our customers in this process by listening to them, collecting their pain points, suggestions, and proposals.

Our graphic artists then began the process of integrating a long series of new 3D items, materials, and textures. These will be added to the product library throughout this year.

Within a month of the product launch, we had already added a new batch of furniture items and loads of new small decorations to give our customers’ 3D models their own atmosphere:

  • New decoration items: alarm clocks, bedside lamps, desk chairs, mirrors, pouffes, etc.
  • New living room furnitures: shelving units already stocked with books and decorations, which help furnish and decorate home interiors quickly,
  • New materials: Some materials from ArcelorMittal which were designed to create several models of steel deck roofs,
  • Kitchen planner: We improved the collection of kitchen worktops with marble and quartz textures and added new cabinets and different models of central island kitchen,
  • For outdoor: a new set of outdoor furniture and a new collection of 3D Tesla cars,
  • And also: lots of sofas, armchairs, footstools, chests of drawers, buffets, consoles, to help vary the decoration of home design projects.
Cedreo Spring updates

Summer time: 3D Kitchen cabinets and much more

For remodeling purpose or kitchen designs, we worked on improving the kitchen cabinets library by developing new 3D models with crown moldings as per our customers requests.

3D Kitchen remodeling

Lots of new other furniture items were also integrated at this time:

  • 3D Sofas for living rooms,
  • A large range of front doors,
  • The BMW 5 Series and The Toyota Corolla Hybrid in the 3D cars library,
  • Railings for deck design,
  • New matching decorations and furniture for master bedrooms: beds, chests of drawers and side tables,
  • New packs for dining rooms including grouped tables and chairs.
Cedreo Summer updates

Autumn: Summertime inspired you

It seems that summertime gave our customers some great ideas because we got many requests and suggestions for outdoor arrangement and construction elements.

  • New steel cladding in several colors for roofs and/or walls,
  • New brick walls,
  • A lot of new windows: hung windows (single, double and triple), triangular windows, and french casement windows,
  • Outdoor: a camper and a wheelbarrow,
  • Workbenches for the garage,
  • Tables and chairs bundles with a full range of placemats to arrange dining rooms in just a few clicks!
  • Decorations: Floor and wall lights, ceiling lights, potted plants, candle holders…
  • New floor plan symbols were also added
  • Complete sets of furniture for master bedroom layouts and bedrooms for teenagers with stand alone beds, bedside tables and chests of drawers.
Cedreo Autumn updates

Winter is coming: Uh oh…..A Christmas Tree!

It is the end of the year and the whole team is already busy working on the product updates and the new features that will arrive in 2020. Nevertheless, our graphic artists found time to develop several other requests for the final update of 2019:

  • 3D Decorations: A Christmas tree (don’t forget to switch on the fairy lights!), teepees for children playrooms.
  • Wall coverings: 36 new wallpapers (children, graphic & geometric, landscape & tropical, floral).
  • Exterior design: Semi-open or closed roller shutters as well as several window railings.
  • New master bedroom sets with matching decorations
  • More than 100 additional floor plan symbols.
  • More than 20 new doors to integrate into home design projects.
Winter Cedreo Updates

Welcome 2020!

A promising year has begun and we’re all set to provide our users with new product updates. A major one will arrive in a few months: we are always working on how to improve the 3D home design process, making it faster and more scalable.

To stay up-to-date, remember that you can find news and updates in the news feed of your Cedreo dashboard.

As all of your (many) suggestions are reviewed, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team with your proposals.

We wish you all the best for 2020!

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