Save Time With Easy-to-Use 3D Home Decorating Software

Create Stunning 3D Designs — Without CAD Software

Cedreo’s drag-and-drop functionality and automated features help home builders , remodelers, and interior designers create beautiful designs in minutes.

  • Choose from more than 7,000 customizable pieces of 3D furniture, objects, and surface coverings
  • Generate 3D renderings with a single click
  • Make real-time revisions during client meetings

Show Your Design From Every Angle

After creating your home floor plan, generate a 3D floor plan with overhead view, or a 3D rendering . Show interiors, exteriors — and you can even change the angle of the sun to show how rooms and surfaces are illuminated. Include all the details that help clients understand and approve your design.
New home construction exterior 3D rendering made with Cedreo
kitchen and dining room decor 3D rendering made with Cedreo

Reduce Your Design Costs

With Cedreo, you don’t need to outsource conceptual design plans, which means you can reduce your project costs and get results more quickly. Complete your total home decorating design — from your initial concept to your 3D rendering — in a single day.

All The Features You Need to Create 3D Home Decorating Plans

Cedreo helps you inspire client confidence. Customize your 3D home decorating plans to suit your clients unique tastes and help them feel an emotional connection to your design.

More Than 3,000 Furnishings and Objects

Customize rooms in client home plans with realistic 3D furniture and objects, and add people or pets to personalize the design.
New home decoration 3D rendering made with Cedreo

3,500 Customizable Surface Coverings

Choose paint, flooring, tiles, and more from Cedreo’s large library of surface coverings, textures, and materials.
Modern home 3D rendering made with Cedreo

Grouped Product Packs

Create a complete 3D home decorating plan in just a few minutes, using grouped product packs. With these coordinated 3D furnishings, you can be sure every room will have a cohesive look and style.
New master bedroom decoration 3d rendering made with Cedreo

Customize Outdoor Design Plans

Cedreo home decoration software 3D library

Cedreo Is Continuously Evolving to Meet Your Needs

Every month, we add new 3D furniture, objects, and surface coverings to the 3D home decorating software library. We understand that styles may vary by region, so we invite our customers to request specific objects or surface coverings that are popular in their area.

Read What our Happy Customers Say About Cedreo

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"It is so easy to use!"

"Everything is intuitive and anyone can use the software even without watching the tutorial videos."

Darius, housing professional

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"Great choice!"

"Cedreo allows you to quickly mock up a whole scheme in just a couple of hours which really saves so much time!"

Frankie S., Designer