How to Draw Stairs on a Floor Plan

If you have the right architectural design tool, then adding stairs on floor plans can be a quick and easy process. Cedreo makes it simple to draw stairs as a part of any interior floor plan, even including staircase information in the dimensions. This support guide walks you through how to draw stairs on a floor plan and ensure that your addition is perfectly integrated.

Step #1. Draw or import floor plan

Go to the “Layout” tab in the top bar menu. From here, you’ll be able to use the wall tool to draw walls and create rooms in a traditional 2D floor plan view. If you want to use an existing floor plan to trace over, you’ll first need to upload your floor plan file. After clicking the Layout tab, select the “Trace Image” option. From the menu that appears on the right, you’ll be able to select “Load Image”, which allows you to choose a .JPG or .PNG file to import.

Step #2. Trace staircase location

Once you’ve drafted your floor plan room layout, next comes drawing stairs. Still working in the Layout tab, you will trace the location of your sub-staircase using either the “Wall” or “Hidden Wall” tool. Click the desired locations of your sub-staircase corners to quickly lay the outline.

Step #3. Select first floor room type

In order to designate this location as the first floor of your staircase, you’ll need to go to the “Room Types” sub-tab and select the “Under Stairs” tool. From here, click the location you traced for your stairs. This step defines this area as the first level for your stair floor plan.

Step #4. Match stairwell opening

Toggle the “Second Floor” view, then select the Wall tool. This will automatically engage the “Magnetism” feature, which will allow you to draw stairs on this upper level by tracing around the same stairs location that was set on the first floor.

Step #5. Confirm second floor room type

Select the Room Types sub-tab again and click the “Hopper” tool. Then click on the staircase area to designate the location you just traced as the second floor level of your stairs.

Step #6. Select staircase design

Your floor plan is now ready to create the actual staircase. Cedreo allows designers to choose specific stair styles by going to the “Furnishings” tab and searching through the various options in the program catalog.

Step #7. Drag stairs onto floor plan

Toggle the First Floor view and drag the stairs you’ve chosen to the location you traced in your layout.

Step #8. Position staircase

Positioning your stairs can be made easier by toggling the “Collisions” feature as you make adjustments. Drag until the top of the staircase perfectly connects with both the second and first floor levels.

Step #9. Customize staircase dimensions

The customization panel that appears on the right can be used to create the right dimensions for your stairs. Adjust these parameters until the stairs match the dimensions of the hopper, whose dimension data will still be visible in the 2D view window at the top right corner.

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